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I Read a Book

I Read a Book

I woke up this morning and I read a book
with words I've never read standing before me
Then I take a look. They say you adore me
but it's only a book. And books start to bore me
especially when all they do is never come true

So in a world where we bleed what we dream,
the days- like thunder- go rolling by
And in a world where we want more than we need,
I wonder why I'm so ready to live that I could die

And so these words stand before me
just bleeding through the page
I can't read them anymore
no matter what they say
They've caused this blind man to squint and turn away

And like rain, my hopes fall down
and I just can't dance anymore
And like me, my dreams all drown
until I forget what I'm crying for

The rainbows aren't what they seem-
the sun just shades away
The rainbows are only in dreams
The sun shivers with your cold embrace

Won't you just hold me like you'll never leave?
Won't you just smile like we'll always be?
Won't you just shine like the stars in a space of sea?
Won't you just live, won't you just live with me?

I've mistaken my dreams for memories
I've never really had you
And I'm reading books of us like fantasies,
but the stories I read will never come true

And out of all the things I've ever wanted and never had-
more than anything, I want you.