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Cryin' in the Sand

Cryin' in the Sand

I've fallen to the sand 
fallen to my knees
I'm praying to be healed
and love is the disease

I'm cryin' in the sand
with tears upon a sea
that's taken you away -
so far away from me

I remember when we walked, 
walked while holding hands -
together in our hearts 
and walkin' on the sand

Till you swam away from me 
leaving misery
Regardless of the tears, 
we both now fail to see

The salted waters blending 
with salted tears on sand
I'm reaching out to hold you 
but I no longer can

I'm looking at the sea 
keeping you from me
I wonder if you've drowned--- 
I'm always wondering

I know it's either that- 
as far as I can see
Or maybe you don't want
to have to live with me

So I'm cryin' in the sand 
as I overflood the sea
I'm dyin' in my mind- 
I remember you and me

I'm walkin' in the sand 
and headed to the sea
I'm cryin' in the waters 
consuming you and me

I'm drowning in the sea 
hoping you've drowned too
and not just out of 
my freezing hand's reach

I hope to go to heaven 
where I could be with you
and not just cryin' here 
on this sandy beach