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Romeo in Blue Jeans

Romeo in Blue Jeans

What if I were Romeo?
What if you were mine?
If I were truly Romeo,
I'd never let you die.

I'd take the greatest story-
the greatest of our time,
and throw it all away
for the Juliet of mine

All the feuds dividing
all of us apart
wouldn't ever conquer
the bonding of our hearts.

There'd never be a poison
for us to ever take
You'd see me in the front yard
on a Saturday I'd rake

the leaves up off the ground
where our children love to play
Maybe it would be hard-
working all our days

Maybe keep a minivan
or an old, downtrodden truck
Maybe on our balcony
we'd keep a bunch of junk

Maybe none would ever
know what you and I
shared was the greatest
story of our time

But we'd live our life forever
We'd live a life divine
If I could be the Romeo
for the Juliet of mine