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In the Depths of the Shade

In the Depths of the Shade

My memories fade in the depths of the shade
as clouds slowly cover all of my day
No more sun in the sky in the sky that is mine
I've got nothing now that you've gone away

My mind's had its dreams forever of you,
but now- more than ever- it seems they're untrue
My heart's had a fire fueled by desire,
but it's so cold and so dark when I'm not with you

I'm either closing my eyes as all of my skies
will never again be shining so blue
or I'm seeing so blind like the love that is mine
My love's always been blind when I'm looking at you

I never see reality
but now that I see what I'm forced to see
It's so hard to believe that you have to leave,
but the sadness I feel lets me know that it's true

So now I'm forced to dream of the words of my love,
for I've got no one left to write them all to
Now I'm forced to survive in a dream in my mind
All that keeps me alive is me thinking of you

I'm so afraid to forget all the life that we knew
I can only recall when my skies were so blue
So deep in the dark, I'm holding my heart
when all that I want is to hold onto you

So deep in my mind, you're still by my side
but watch the sun set is all that we do
So my memories can fade in the depths of the shade
All of my dreams can never come true

Still I'll stay alive 
although I have died
'cause somewhere inside 
I'll always have you