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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis (or the Northern Lights) is known as one of the most magnificent of natural phenomena. Auroral displays in the form of streamers, arcs, banks, and rays of various shades of light are caused by high-speed electrons and protons from the sun colliding with air molecules miles above the ground. From this we see that when two elements collide spontaneously at high speeds, the result is magnanimous and awe-inspiring. But in this world, electrons aren't the only things that collide- people as well collide in such magnanimous ways. And like the coming of dawn for the Aurora Borealis, every collision must eventually come to an end none more so than the spontaneous collisions. For it's often said and is more often so very true: "The things that begin spontaneously often end that way".

Aurora Borealis

Under a sky stripped of black,
the colors fell when first we'd kiss
Under we lie while on our backs
"Forever will be just like this"

Yellow's for that which makes you weep
Green is the dream that lets you sleep
Blue is the sadness as you wake
Red is the heart that has to break

In a wintery sky, we've got them all
In love, you and I forgot to fall
Under a big sky, we feel so small
You gave me a day, but I want them all

We're falling asleep side by side
Our day was a dream we'd live alive
But I find that I have all but died
Some dreams I'd die to survive

We saw each other at firstly sight
but you were gone by second glance
We'd fall asleep that first night
Some never get a second chance

Still on the list of things
I wouldn't do for love,
there's not a word
as I look above
to the northern sky
that you and I
one night had as all our own

The lighted sky
The sky that I
now every night watch alone

On my back I lie 
and never cry
Although the truth- to me- is sadly known
With no one here by my side
still I lie all alone

I say "She'll be back by the dawn.
It began too fast to have her gone"

Yellow's for that which makes me weep
Green is the dream that lets me sleep
Blue is the sadness as I wake
Red is my heart that had to break

I'll hold our day for all of time
as alone I lie, but "I don't mind"
As the sky I see - I look upon
the most beautiful things are never gone

For Puna