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A Burning Church

A Burning Church

The choir's voices singing
through the church's doors
They locked them from the inside
so long ago before

they locked them from the outside,
but never did they scream
Too busy in their praying
Too busy to believe

there were crosses burning-
leaned against the door
Preacher spoke his sermon
from a pulpit's floor

Sunday school kept teaching
little boys and girls
as if they were beseeching
to have to leave the world

They sang inside the burning
church and you could hear
if you only listened
with your own two ears

Outside the culprits saying,
"We can hear a song
We can hear them praying
Maybe we were wrong?

We thought that they were lying-
lying all along
For never were they trying
to let us hear their song

Never were they trying"
The fire rages on
So slowly in their dying,
their voices in a song

"Never were they trying!"
lamented and withdrawn
On their knees and crying,
they start to sing along

This isn't just about religion, but about belief. Whether you believe there is or isn't a God, whether you believe in science, whether you believe in yourself, whether you believe in your family and friends, whether you believe in your children, or whether you believe in anything at all; it is perhaps best to believe in it so strongly that even if the walls fell down, you wouldn't lose that belief. i.e. Believe in yourself to the point that you succeed despite everything causing all prior doubters to believe in you as well ("they start to sing along"). But you must do so while giving others a chance to believe in you by not failing them with a lack of effort ("Never were they trying!") or by hypocritical behavior ("they locked them from the inside")--- consequently losing their trust. Faith is the strongest entity on earth, but only if you use it properly. So what do you believe in?