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The Marathon

The Marathon

The start of when
your heart within
I will always be.
But when all you do is win and win,
what's paragon's success?

I imagine I'm imagining
- a thought of mine
now once again:
what if I were truly then
that marathon obsessed?

Would I learn to handle you
through turns of happiness?
Would it burn - the candle you've
lit upon your sexiness?

Would you tread upon my heart until...
until I'm torn apart?
Would you be the end of me
before there ever was a start?

Alas, I ask an answered ask --
I've always known it so.
You could love me 'til
I implode,
and still I'd love you even though.

So go and go and go...
through this marathon we know.
Go and go and go...
'til it all just overflows.