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A Closet Full of Clothes

A Closet Full of Clothes

A closet full of clothes…
A year or two…

A high-heeled shoe array…
All still there
as she'd never
be goodwilled or pawned away
A hair-filled brush
on the sink
with hairs
that aren't mine

A diamond ring
on my necklace…
A tear run down my spine

A three year old
that's old enough
to remember what made her shine
With tequila'd breath,
I'd kiss her
But on the good nights,
with breath as wine
A small head
on my shoulder…
and another tear run down my spine

Every night I'd hold her
and every day from time to time
you intended…
The ones you'd never send

I trace over your handwriting
every now and then

A hole
in my heart
and a soul that's wearing thin-

both beaten and weary
A time that never mends…
A space
in my bed…
as empty as the pain
My tears this time…
but down a picture frame

The hope
that we'll never
be fated to forget
Home videos
remind us
as we constantly rewind
Some clothes in the closet
I haven't moved them yet

A man,
his daughter,
and the tear upon his spine…
These are just the things that you left behind.