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Life, Strings, Smoke, and Mirrors

Life, Strings, Smoke, and Mirrors

I look at life
and see the strings
Those disillusioned things-

through all the smoke
and all the mirrors-
never truly bring

satisfaction; and so I'm not
living in a way
where I'm like all the rest---
A rebel, if you may

But to rebel against an illusion'd world
just makes one disappear
A martyr for a truthfulness
that was never truly here

I see the strings, I hear the voice… of God as he speaks… in non-sequiturs just offstage while in prayer as he weeps. I see the props, I've heard the cues, I see the hidden rabbit too… about to pop up through the hat like many try to do. The fourth wall has fallen, but most are unaware. Life and strings… and smoke and things… through mirrors disappear. I play no game… and that is why… it's a lie that I'm alive. The fourth wall has crushed me, but it never lets me die.

I look up
and see the strings
My eyes see many things

Disenchanted by a world
that'll never truly bring… me anything.

I see the strings.