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Life's Unlit Hallway

Life's Unlit Hallway

I've snagged my heart
on a rusty nail
A lonely nail... once used for something
From this I've found
I'm made of more
than just some loosened thread

Snagged my heart
It felt like hell-
like I was once used... or something
But I know there's only so much living we can do
before we're dead

Ahead... is a bloody hallway
devoid of any picture frames
All taken down somehow... taken down in vain

Because so much would never happen
if we'd just remain the same

But I guess things were bound to change
And I guess we were bound to find
we're more than just some thread
that's somehow meant to be sewn together

I mean, there are so many kinds of pain-
and while it hurts some times to change-
I know nothing lasts forever

So although I've snagged my heart
on that rusty nail,
the hell that brought me's finally gone

But the nail's still there...
It's still there
for new frames to hang upon