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My Eyes Whispered

My Eyes Whispered

My eyes whispered to me
That they saw an angel-
An angel so appealing
They could not believe
My eyes saw her
And my heart agreed

My mind spoke the same
My mind said "She spoke again."
In a dream we had
So far within
And before we were woken
He said she told him this…
That she's beautifully broken-
A life remiss

"She's so beautifully spoken."
My soul admits
That "If she's beautifully broken,
I hope she's never fixed."

My legs- they told me
That they're ready to die
If they have to run to her
Along with I

My arms- they told me
That they're ready to fly
If the impossible should ever
Be worth a try

My dreams all pledged
"We'll never sleep
Until one of us
comes true for you"

My heart proclaimed
"I'll forever beat.
Till she's ours, I'll live
If that's what I'm forced to do."

So with every part of me,
I searched the world
Through all the light
And the blinding dark
And like a dream one day
Somehow we weren't
Somehow we weren't so far apart

My soul told me
"I know that's her"
He swore it you
Who stood by my heart
But my heart said nothing
Though close you were
He never told me
We weren't far apart

My heart's transfixed
Within your glare
Your eyes on him
Within a stare
My eyes whispered
"None compare…
We've found our angel…
And she's right there."