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You’ve gotta draw the line... somewhere.

Stick figure drawn
so crudely on
the canvas we call our lives
But life's more than just
textiled fabric…
It's the ink,
we've realized.

Stick figure drawn
so nudely on
the canvas, in all its sin
But lewd is the canvas
now draped upon-
in shame on our figure's skin.

Stick figure drawn
so skewedly on
a mirror disfigured
in time
Lewd is the line
Rude is the mind,
construed as a
bad design.

Stick figure drawn
conclusions on
what it means to be defined
Anorexia's more
than holes in a canvas…
It's the ink we've realigned.

Stick figure drawn
on canvas, gone…
What's meaningless
is never defined
Still… we should've defined it
so long ago
when we still had all
our time.