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A tribute to Emily Dickinson

Slowly polluted through the eye,
the mind isn't suited for the sky
A dark and diluted soul as I
I'm never refuted, so still I try

to aspire to see within a sigh
with a mind not as vast as the sky
I'm clouted by visions in my eye,
while my only decision is to try

to abolish what I've soliloquied
I'm admonished for more than I'd believe
and exhorted for more for I'm naive
The answer I'd see to not perceive

So deep in a dream I've seen before
Questioning things that I'd implore
Lord haveth mercy upon my core,
for I don't want it anymore

Inexplicably bound through all the pain
Never to breathe to know my name
Destining, seen to die at play
while there never was a game

But a eulogy's scene- an overture-
when graven to be of my demise
A lifetime's merely an aperture
now that my mind's become the sky.