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With Tears

With Tears

With tears I've fallen, words of doubt
Soothe my ravaged mind
What many wars we fight within
Within the peaceful times

With tears like scars,
I've had my wars
I've lived and I have died
With tears like scars,
I've fought so hard
To barely stay alive

With tears like scars
Upon my face,
They're dried but still I cry
Left me here
With no embrace
Just tokens on my eyes
But to this world
I've always been
So broken and so blind

Crossing rivers swell the earth
Behind a fire's lie
I paid my dues the moment that
My life had all but died

Risen eyes upon my glare
But never do I stare
I see the he that's wounded me
But never is he there

The silent killer weeps at night
He's killed us in our sleep
Like breezes blown
Making strong
Men become so weak

Chains on ankles never lie
You're burdened as you've sewn
Freedom's just an alibi
You're in this world alone

But burdened not, the reaping's wrought
Nothing but demise
I didn't know that would be the last
Time I'd see your eyes

In tears I'm silent
But they fall
In such chaotic bliss
So discrete the fallen beat's
Melodically abyssed
The harmony's as incomplete
As when you miss nostalgic's kiss
And so we see the bittersweet's
Melodically dismissed

With tears from eyes
Upon her dress
I'm ravaged once again
Because of her, I haven't breath
She's stole it from within

Just like before when all my words
By her beauty swept away
I haven't breaths for she's become
Something that I pray

I pray for then with all my heart
I pray for way back then
But only if from the start
We'd have a different end.

A couple's lost the fight to Cancer. One had to be the first to die.