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The Things We Choose

The Things We Choose

I embarrassingly
smiled at you
with a tear-stained eye -

made this blind man wish
that he could see some things
or that he were
actually blind.

The things we choose
and the things we lose
and the things we actually mind
make this old man wish
for a younger man's blues
'cause he'd still have
all his time.

I remember all the
secrets sworn,
but I swear I've been naive
while I've remembered all the
things I've worn
while this heart's still on my sleeve.

I've said it once
then said it more
so maybe you'd believe:
If love's a drug,
then love's a drug
and to be alone is our disease.

I embarrassingly talk
through a pause of pain -
my tongue's in a civil war.
I umbrellallessly walk
through all this rain
with puddles like a metaphor.

Avoiding the voids -
It's never a flood,
but I avoid them all the same.
Love's hell doesn't kill.
Love might as well,
but at least it knows your name.

My lovin' has taught me
how to live -
so it's love, for whom I'll die
Lovin' has taught me
how to fall -
so for love, I'll try to fly

Love's easy to know,
yet harder to show,
and impossible to try to describe.
Either way,
I want you to know
that I'll love you 'til I die.

I embarrassingly walk
when I should crawl,
and I dangerously try to fly
I know I've already said it
but I'll say it again...

I'll love you 'til I die.