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A Ton of Bricks

A Ton of Bricks

I met my soulmate
in an alley, just
a valley
of how it was supposed to be.
She was
married, carried
a few kids, and was
a little older than me.

It seems Fate’s not perfect…
but I guess no one’s perfect

I saw Time in a corner
standing still
with his head down,
He was recollecting the times he used to fly.
Now he’s suddenly stood,
so idly by.

He no longer tries to mend
the broken hearted.
Just stands there with his
hands in his pockets, sand
in his hair,
with no more time to spare.

Time’s not perfect…
Well, neither am I,
as we both
now fail to fly.

I say “Destiny…
I know your name, I even
know your pain.
I know your every tear that falls, or at least I know
they’re all the same.

Destiny, you’ve never…
heard of me complain,
but why make a love impossible
when you know she feels the same?”

I should’ve met my soulmate
many years ago
at the peak of all that should’ve been, yet
never did occur.

So now Destiny, I, and
Fate, and Time
now will always know
that no one in this world is perfect…

except for maybe her.

And really, without love,
an expensive ring’s just a payment
to make someone your wife.
You’re treating her like a prostitute…
instead of your life.