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Where has America Gone

Sure, the rest of the world has walls,
(Some more literal than others)
but we didn’t…
and that’s what made America great.

So now with our late
forefathers in graves…
I believe that’s where our
great’s went.

Or perhaps we finally understand why
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”
was such a revolutionary statement?

And even so, there are reasons
to not just allow
anyone in,
even though it’s ironic when seen
through the eyes…

of an “Indian”.

But to harass and belittle your fellow countrymen
‘cause they look like them
has gotta be a sin.

I mean, aren’t there illegal Canadians
and aliens from Africa and Europe as well…
who when placed
by our face,
not a soul can tell?

I’m not asking for us not to endure another Gestapo’d hell.
Oh well…

I’m not asking for us to be fair to them.

I’m not asking for us to be any better than the rest of the world,
like we once had been.

I’m not even asking for us to feed the poor.
Maybe that’s not our war.

All I’m asking is
can we AT LEAST remove the inscription
from our golden door?

The America dream of “anyone from anywhere being able to become anything” is dead. I’ve somewhat come to grips with that. But can we at the very least not make things more difficult and uncomfortable and unfair for legal American citizens? If all cops were good and everyone of us or none of us looked Mexican, this bill would be fair and effective. But life is not so, and that is not the case. We invented the plane, car, television, light bulb, and computer… Can we please invent a way to coexist with the rest of the world without reverting back to tactics used in the 1800’s in regards to freed slaves and tactics used by the Nazi regime? Have we lost all our creativity or just all our heart?