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Wielding Crutches

Wielding Crutches

I limped around
for about a year
before I realized these crutches
were only
holding me back.
Hold me back!...
'cause you don't wanna see me 'n Destiny tangle.
(In defense of my mangled heart, I'd tear him
from limb to limb.)

From him to them,
from she to they,
I've been hurt like everyone has,
but anyway...
It wasn't until I realized I had a choice
of what do with these crutches in my hand;
given to me definitively
to do more than what I can.

But I stand and I stand;
oh I stand a broken man,
as I try to use these crutches
to walk...
when I should be using them to knock
a few things down instead.

My strides, my strides
no matter what's ahead.
My strides, my strides
will surely stride again.

And although everything on the outside reflects my pain within,
a sin,
a sin if I'm
ever giving in.
Life is full of choices,
but my only choice has been

to not limp
like him or them,
to not crutch
like she or they,
nor to take the crutches given
and throw 'em all away...

I say
to Life and Destiny,
“Give what you must give -
I'll take the good, the bad, and all between,
and use it all to live.”