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Dear Bigot

Dear Bigot:

Just because you don't wear a white hood anymore
doesn't mean you ain't the Klan;
And just because you're a rich black woman
doesn't mean you ain't "the Man".

Just because you're Black and hate whites
doesn't make it right;
and just because you've traded your pitchfork
for a voting ballot
doesn't mean you've seen the light.

Just because you've changed the words
in the same ol' Bible
you used to use back when
doesn't make it better than it ever was before ---
I mean, using something of love to demonstate hate
isn't what our Savior swore.

Just because laws have now stopped you from lynching
doesn't make you just.
If you had it your way, all those unlynched bodies
would still be at the back of the bus.

And just because we can now sit
wherever the HELL we want
doesn't mean you can steal our right
to wed.
Whoever "our" may be,
it's all ours, ya see...
That's what my Savior's said.

White hoods, and red necks,
and what
brown skin implies ---
A plain rose, and rainbows, and the grayest skies ---
Green eyes, and black eyes,
and a tan of lies ---
Black panthers, the answer's
not a guise.

Ya see, Love's eyes
are so wise,
so colorblind ---
truly and duly its greatest trait.

But now sadly and madly,
that colorblind
belongs as well
to Hate.

So lame. Ashamed
that our pain
is just a game.
A game we're losing at
is what makes it more insane.
But it's life
and rife with the past to bear the blame.
Today's souls will never listen,
they're beyond the shame.

You won't know who I'm talking to
'til 20 years
have gone and came.

but Dear Bigot:
Dear Bigot:
Just know you're still the same.