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It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

He was ten when
a thought in him
was thinking to someday
change the world.
He didn’t know what,
didn’t know how,
and he sure as hell didn’t know when…
He was ten.

And now it’s been
a long time since then.
Got a job out of college,
but not a job
to change
a world of men…
like the thought he once had in him
when he was ten.

And then a thin, blushing bride- his side
now beside itself,
now complete. And then
a couple of babies
took away the thought he had in him
when he was ten…
because it does change a world of men
to raise your children to have dreams within, then
maybe they too can affect some other men.

But then again,
to his chagrin,
he was not the man
he was
when he was ten…
no matter how many times he told himself
he’s indirectly changed
a world of men.

That was when
a sixty-two year-old man had been
so far away from ten,
and yet so close beside it.
He decided to finally change
a world of men.

I’m not going to say what he did
or how he did it,
but I’ll sure as hell say when…

That man changed the world
when he was ten.

to my readers: A title worth repeating: It’s Never Too Late.
Go out and change the world… today.
Never lose that dream within.