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My Ironies

My Ironies

My ironies in life are hard to swallow, I’m
swallowing pain pills that’ve
brought me pain

My irony’s… in life
I’m hollowed,
as I wallow inside
someone else’s rain

Mama met herself a stranger, but
at least my
mama’s glad
Mama met a stranger, and
made me call him dad
It might’ve angered me… if he weren’t
the best father
that I’ve ever had

My ironies in life allude me
while they’re always by my side
My irony’s a wife that’s sued me
because I’ve never lied

I tried to be like my father,
but our steps were out of stride

My dysfunctional family
kinda functioned…
in a way
with the infinance of love
somehow gone…
in a day

My irony’s a future
that’s lying in the past
And while the truth’s lying
in the here and now,
neither ever lasts

Is it best
to let the pain
get the best of me?
Is it wrong
to be wronged
if it’s inevitably?

I’m daydreaming nightmares
I know that I won’t see…
Irony’s a friend of mine, yet
my greatest enemy