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Am I on a spaceship
or a slaveship?
All I know is
I'm an alien
either way.

I'm still an alien -
still an alien -
I go
or stay.

But I've got a month to remind me
not to think that way.

This shit's wrecked
and I'm
in Watts on East Century.
We're mutinied
by reality
but with the
right kinda anarchy.

I've got a month
to think about
Martin Luther King.
Although if he had a month
in the here 'n now,
he'd change a little bit of everything.

But I'm drenched
and I'm drenched
in so much opportunity...
I mean all I've ever needed
was for folks to stop lynching me.

And no, it's not perfect
but whoever said it had to be.
And if I had it my way
it would stay this way ---
All I ever really need is me.

But I've got a month
and I've got a chance
and I've got seven billion in my family.

This is so much more than Black History Month...
It's a time for all humanity.