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It's Not Just a Song to Me

It's Not Just a Song to Me

"How do you feel?", asked the man.
"With my hands", she replied.
"And what of you, how do you?"
"With my heart... so adieu."

Shall we dance, in a trance?
Surely I caught her eye;
but there could never be a sad song
with her dancing by my side

Now maybe I'm just the guy
the one who wrote the book of love
Or maybe I'm just the guy
who forgot what he had read

Or maybe I'm in the sky
falling from above,
or maybe love's just to lie
in all that we have bled

I whispered that I kissed her
I yelled that I had fell
in love so many times
but never would I tell

her that every fall
was for her and only her
So if you ask me how I feel,
all that I incur

is that I feel what I have felt -
even if her heart would melt -
I'd still slip upon its residue,
with metaphoric welts

But I swear I'd love these songs
just as long they proceed ---
Whether sad or fast or nice or slow,
they're exactly what I need.