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If Red were Gray.

If Red were Gray.

If red were gray
and black were white,
I’d still be here tonight.

If red were gray,
its shades would sway
untimely from my skin

in lieu of hues
reddened in
the violence that had been.

If red were gray
and black were white,
all would be so “right”.

We’d live instead,
in love instead,
instead of all this

If black were white
and red were gray,
our enemies would say

our love should live forever
(if it ever may).

But, alas,
we’re in the darkness
with gray upon your hands,
with gray upon this man, you’re
screaming in the light.

In lieu of hues,
in lieu of who
I’ve ever truly been
with gray upon our skin and
white upon this night

And perhaps that’s all we’ll ever be-
fated in our plight….
whether red were red
(or red were gray)
or if black
were ever white.