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Seashell Eyes

Seashell Eyes

Dark nights, jail cells, and hospital smells...
A 22 year old Scorpio with
bloodshot eyes
We're fighting in a bar
over absolutely nothing
while something in us
never dies

I'm homesick for a home
I've never had
She's homesick for a time
she'd never lose
We're drunk in an alley-
clothing torn
Oh, the long, dark paths we choose

I smell of dirt,
sex, and
sullen blood
There's a smell
of laundry
in our room

I dreamt of love and
but I've woken up
much too soon

I thought I saw him--- Jack Kerouac
on the corner of Ashbury's
greatest Haight
Nary an attempted suicide
Oh, the memories we love to hate

We find them in guitar chords now-
simple, as I'm
trying to learn
Painted in the lyrics now
Scrawled in all
we've ever yearned

Wrapped in haste,
all our time
by our mistake now
thrown away
You're the rhythm
and I'm the rhyme
yet 'I love you'-
I never say

But can you please
remind me of
what it was that made me smile?
I remember you
so kindly while
I've forgotten all the while

Another Saturday
in November…
I write for you
and only you
I'm sorry for so many things,
but sorrow's what
we never knew

You're lying there
so unkissed,
so undressed
in all our lieu

I swear I'll...
change the past
as I kiss your face
and the heart of you

Through dark nights, jail cells, and hospital smells...
and through everything I'll ever do.

Ah yes,
I know I'll still
I'll still remember you.