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bought a
switchblade on a
Lonely, a boy
thinking of what's
any joy
::: He's only
a couple of heartbeats away
from the irony of pain :::

A light-hearted kid
skinning his head,
wonders what he did
in the
thralls of the rain
With his hair in the sink, he'd
never really think
::: Just a heartbeat away
from screaming his name :::

Quietly stood, misunderstood
Standing there
to understand
what it really was
in the
palm of his hand
::: What it really was
in the palm of his hand :::

And what's on the ground
And what has he found
And what can he do
that he's done it now
Trying his hardest
to find a heartbeat……
::: somehow :::

Souls are the things
that give us
our wings,
but heroes never seem
to be a scream away
She folded her wings
as he
folded her wings
::: If life is just a dream, then
dream away :::

She could've been an angel
Could've been
a bird
::: Thinking to himself
with his eyes on the floor :::
Feathers on the ground
telling him that now
flying's not an option
like it was before…

He figuratively did
what she
literally did
We all have our alleys
we walk upon
We all have our
dead-end streets
that we never should've

He never should've gone
never should've gone,
thinking to himself
in the golden'd dawn
Lying in the rain, in the
thralls of the pain,
thinking to himself---
::: never knew her name :::

So he took her in his mind,
leaving her behind
& turned her
into a tattoo
to ease the strain
::: He figured he deserved at least
some of the pain :::

With his hair in the sink,
never would he think
how much of him
would go
down the drain
::: He had nothing to say :::
He just folded his wings (those
imaginary things)
over in his bed
where he would lay

Closing her eyes
while closing his eyes
If life is just a dream, then
dream away.