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something about her

something about her

Wearing black
on a hot-ass day---
"Too cool for school?"
I'd say
But she
just looked at me
& nodded her head
and said….

She wore black on our one year
anniversary where
I put a whisper in her ear
She said "Hey…
there's nothing better
than saying
exactly what
you've gotta say…"

She wore black
on our wedding day, still
"Lucky me", I'd
always say
She'd just agree, but I knew-
about herself-
she's always thought the same

She wore black on
a'many day,
but a day with her
wasn't just
any day
Many days would pass…
She laughs
and says something like
"Days are glass"
[I never understood that one]

But sitting there the other day
in her black dress, I'd
confess my love for her
And I'd smile while she'd say…
"Of course"
[Even in the direst of situations, she still remained herself]

And now she wears black
on a sunny day,
but it feels…
as cold as hell
And I don't know what she'd say
about me finally
wearing black
as well,
pray tell…
--- She'd probably just say something really cute like…
"Oh well"…