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Falling From Life’s Tightrope

Falling From Life’s Tightrope

As I’m dreaming, I lie -
beside you I crwth.
You’re screaming a lie,
but whisper the truth.
I don’t know which, but as they accrue
I don’t know which I wish to find true.

On this tightrope I walk
all the day through;
but on the night’s rope I gawk
at the sight of you.
I'm confined by a line, so all that I do
is exactly what everyone wants me to.

The fall’s - more or less - the less of the two;
still it’s what all of my heart
forces me to.
The wind - it is racing
like the heart that I knew
my first time embracing your heart that I woo.
There’s never replacing my heart that was new.
To the end, we are chasing, but still it is true
that the end’s truly chasing
both of us who
to God we’re commended our final adieu.

So brave in a grave, I’m finding untrue.
To dreams, I’m a slave in all that I do.
We walked on a line in a sky that was blue;
but we "just had to jump" was all that we knew.

So brave in a grave, my life is anew.
In the midst of a nave, I lie on a pew.
As I trust only God
in all that I do,
I remember the time when all of me flew.

Restrained by the silence
till I let out a hue.
Left tame by the violence, as we lovingly coo.
I’m not gonna live
nor die as they do!
I’m not gonna live like they want me to.

I’m taking my dreams, and I'm making them true.
To fall was the best thing I’ll ever do.