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The Last 'Dear John' Letter She Ever Sent

The Last 'Dear John' Letter She Ever Sent

Dear John,
Everyone knows your name.

Stop doing this to yourself ---
you're analogous with pain.

You've got the soul of a soldier,
heart of a martyr,
and the drive of a fated train;

but I guess no one's told ya
that many a soldier's...
only died in vain

--- Their pain
is as common as your name ---
And war isn't worth it,
for it's never done;
not even with roses
replacing guns.

So Dear John,
cease with your replies,

or at least fill them with your hatred,
at least fill them with goodbyes.

Stop writing that you love me,
stop ignoring what I write.
It's so hard to read your letters
through all the days I might.

It's so hard to keep on writing
all of my replies.

So Dear John,
lets say our last goodbyes.