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The Hills amid the Storm

The Hills amid the Storm

A thousand hills
A hundred days
A million souls now gone away

The memories still
haunt my mind,
and scar my skin,

An airplane crash
heard 'round the world,
but the dust settled
within the mist

A lightning storm, unthundered worlds
who've fought so hard
to just exist

Tall trees cut by enslaved minds
While minded shut,
they're minded blind
Face to face, we never see
he looks like you,
he looks like me

With Lake Kivu
too far away-
and I mean now,
I mean today-
there were a thousand hills
and a hundred days
as a million souls have gone away

The whole world looks amid their doubt
Silence cries
a violent shout
They turn their heads
in utter clout
as we never know what it's about

We hear them cry, but
to see them shout
has always been beyond our eyes
We'll just see the movie when it comes out
and we'll hide behind the lies

about Rwanda