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I must confess,
I'm finally stressed;
but it's the good kinda grind.

I'm on the road
to building more roads, but
just gotta keep building mine.

I'm writing pages
of life
in its stages.
This book in its bind

kinda defines me.
Pray life'll remind me
of all that's behind me
in time.

And while kindly unwinding
where I'll be in the blinding
end of it all when I've died,

I see this is a new step,
breaths of a new bet;
and I'm blessed that I'll step it in stride.

Don't know where I'm headed,
but all that I've said is
life's been one helluva ride! |

My first poem was written May 15th, 1995. It was about basketball. Every year I write a poem about basketball and where I'm at to commemorate that day. [Read More May 15th Poems]