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Half of Everything

Half of Everything

Half asleep, but wide awake
There's nothing you can take from me
that I haven't already
from myself

And still I've never dreamt of what it's like
to ever be
somebody else
(Some say I've never dreamt, but I know I've been dreaming)

In an open mind, an unclosed heart
slowly tore my world apart;
but I see that's the way it's always been,
and maybe that's the way it's supposed to be

Because I know
I've hurt my share
of the dearest, warmest, sweetest friends
No matter what intention's been,
I've always only partially seen

So with half-closed eyes,
I see I'm hurt again
But another blink would let me sleep,
and let me think
instead of weep
And I see there's more to pain than what's within

A smile cast upon a glass
I see it's mine - reflections last
for just as long as you allow them to

Thoughts of you become my past
I'm looking forward
so they won't last
There's a smile on my face
'cause it's what I've got to do

I know that no one's
by my side
I thought of love until I died
Then I lived again
to think about it a little more

My unclosed arms are opened wide
And perhaps there's no one by my side,
but that doesn't matter anymore

It just doesn't matter like it did before