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The Anatomy of a Gun

The Anatomy of a Gun

The barreled steel
and caroled bells
A child killed
on Christmas Day

A periled will
A caroled hell...
hymned within,
then gone away

A sight and scope
had taken hope
and shattered it
on Christmas Day

A stock and lock
laid on a block
where a child sadly
used to play

A spring and thing
and cartridged frame
A triggered figure
that's given pain

Surely armed,
but has no arms
as still it reached
the heart of you

Paraplegically stood, while
Perhaps to flee- it tried to do

But fired, pulled;
regret and fooled
into thinking it hadn't
any choice

Mouthing smoke-
like taken toke
There's not much to say
when you have no voice

Heartless hot,
while dangerous cold
The indifference of a trigger
that's stole a soul

Had no mind,
so never mind
The mindless holds
what it controls

Had no eyes,
and hadn't ears
So luckily those
were torn away,

for the gun never
had to see or hear
the child it killed on a Christmas Day