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When you're rich, it's a bitch
When you're poor, it's a whore
Not exactly a metaphor,
but it's definitely prevailing as thought.

The effort put in
when all of your skin
is wrought as it's drowning in sweat
is only something you'd get
if somehow the wet
was all that you'd lovingly got.

But to have everything
is just as bad as
to never be given a dime.
We're driven in mind
when livin' in line
with a hint of what's sent as death

But I swear either way
what you have is outweighed
by the breadth of whichever you're naught.
Lucky or unlucky only depends
on what you've designed as your thoughts.

When you're rich in a ditch
with the poor, it's a war
to find just the right metaphor
to mix our strengths with our naughts
to see what we've got.

That's the only way
we're gonna win this war we've fought,
and we've already lost a lot.