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Hey, the World's Coming to an End

Hey, the World's Coming to an End

If you tell someone the world's coming to an end
in a couple of days,
they cry

even if they don't cry very loud

But if you tell the world the world's coming to an end,
they kill and they riot ---
while even the someone you told's in the crowd

Mobs do the lynching, squads do the trenching
Camouflage is more than you wear
Disguises are more
than masks on our faces
Alliances are merely veneer

Bystander stands, ineffectively stands
unaffectionately all through it all
Bystander stands- along with some friends-
but standing --- they might as well fall

An individual's wise, even a fool
if given enough time and mind
But the multitude's school
of thought is to mind
that we haven't any time

That's why I'd rather
be by myself
or - at most - just be with a friend
I'd even rather just be with a stranger
who's not so strange in the end

But surrounded by people, I can't help but feel
the destruction we're capable of
I'm pushed and I'm shoved, I'm trampled upon
The multitude sheds my
escapable blood

But the inescapable love of a lonely soul
has helped me to my feet again
The only one out there capable of
the love we all feel within

I sat her aside - a lonely girl-
and told her the world is to end
But I kept it a secret from all of the world
because they already knew it within

But the most obvious shroud
was we were part of the crowd
or at least it was a part of us
She shed a tear as we shed our veneer
We cried aloud in
our disgust

But in a couple of days - just a couple of days,
it'll all be over and done
Maybe not all, or for two or a million;
but - at least - it'll be for one.