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Random Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

Random Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

Truly here- inside my mind-
is where I'm meant to be
An idle day, I find my way
through thoughts so randomly

I think of stores and why the poor
have no food to eat
And why there's war
and why my heart
has a weary beat

I think of why's- so many why's-
that'll stop eventually
And I'm thinking of who I am
and if it's me I really see

I think of how some men are wise
and how the rest are just like me
And how knowing that's a paradox
and why I'm as wise as I can be

I'm thinking of cannonballs
and white doves in the sand
And how to tell Bob Dylan he's changed my life...
when I've never met the man

And I'm thinking of one night stands
and elementary friends
And I'm thinking they don't think of me,
but I think I understand

And I'm thinking of a homeless man
and more I'll never meet
And the hundred empty houses
on sale right down the street

I'm thinking that my toothache's
gonna last me for a while,
but then I think again because
I've seen a toothless man who smiled

And I'm thinking of the one I love
and how I hope she thinks of me
But I think of that so often
that it's not so randomly

I'm thinking of so many things
although I'll stop eventually
Maybe when I'm by her side,
where I'm really meant to be.