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Let me see...
We've got this society
afraid of shades of skin they call "the other"
yet again.
They tear themselves apart,
so logically we've got
to realize they'll eventually do the same to us.
That's IF we let them in.

It's not just their skin;
They're an inferior to men!
(Unlike the micks and wops and japs and chinks were
when we were wrong so way back when)

"We're right, alas!" we've said again...
oh so finally
we may hate without a sin.
That mosque on third
reminds me of
a sixteenth street church
I used to know
so way back then.

Jim's crowing once again!
It's not like this travel ban we're in
is as an injustice as separate fountains
or the backs of buses were to men.

Is Syria akin
to Chicago's inner den?
That murder rate and all that hate's
so foreign to our kin?

We can never let them in!
Times are dangerous once again!
Blacks on buses askin'
what the fuss is
like their memory is thin.

Finally the Whites
believe they've got it right
A dash of fear mixed with years
of hatred stirred with tears
of patriotic bullshit
and a religion they hold dear.

But it tastes the same to me!
We're a "society" of drunks.
The disease of whiteness sadly spread;
deep within us it has sunk.

Let me see...
We're afraid of shades
of skin again?
I believe God would damn us
all to hell,
but we've done the job for Him.

Let me see...
We're blinded once again.
Divining walls, defining ALL
by the very few of them.

Borders are an antiquated concept
that we're striving to make real.
We fear they'll bring us to the end,
while ironically we will.