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The Sky's the Limit

The Sky's the Limit

A 9 year old-
doesn't know what to do
with his life,
with the moment at hand
They say the sky's the limit
and he thinks he understands

A 23 year old-
doesn't know what to do
Doesn't know how to live
or with whom
They said the sky's the limit
in all you do
He no longer believes that's true

A 40 year old-
with a job and a wife
With a 9 year old son;
thus, a 9 year old life
He's just as lost as he's ever been
He says perhaps the sky's the limit
for those other men?

The 9 year old-
asks his dad once again
The 40 year old-
tells him...

With both of them lost-
the boy looks at the man-
who says the sky's the limit
as he finally understands.