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The Hero of My Heart

The Hero of My Heart

I'm the hero of my heart
for every chance I ever took
I've let myself fall in love
with just a single look

My heart looks up to me
while on the ground I lie,
for how can I be a hero
when I'm so afraid to die?

Now in a parade I must survive -
for it's thrown for only me -
with my heart and soul and dream
all standing on the street

I smile for them - like eight year olds,
they're waving back at me
They think that I'm so brave
because of what they've seen

They've seen me tell our only love
that we've loved her all the while
They've seen me dare to kiss her
and even make her smile

But how am I to tell them
that one of them must break,
that one of them will die alone
while the other never wakes?

How am I to tell them -
with that look in all their eyes -
that their hero's just a man
who's so afraid to die?

But just then they came to me
Just then they caught my eye
Regrettably I told them,
"I'm so afraid to die"

They surprised me when they smiled
with smiles ear to ear
Pulled me closer to 'em
so that I may hear

And while spoken loud enough,
he just whispered in my ear
"Believe me, sir, you can't be brave
if you have no fear"

The procession carried on
down an endless street
My fear was never gone
but I would never be

regrettably withdrawn
Forever I would see
the little boys running along
trying to keep up with me