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With Eyes Like Sky

With Eyes Like Sky

With eyes like sky, she only cried
when joy shed all her fettered tears
A mother's shine on child smiled
on what had been the lonely years

With hands like shore, a smiled child
drowned no longer in her fears
A father gone while all the while
her mom was always here

With eyes like sky right by her side,
she's never felt alone
A daughter sleep in mother's shine
in arms just like a home

A heart of water and air of soul
surround the little girl
who luckily, she luckily
gets to see her mother be her world

With eyes like sky right by her side
even when she's all alone
So luckily, she motherly
gets her baby on the phone

With eyes like sky still shining down
on a smiley little girl,
they luckily so luckily
are both each other's world