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Truly a Hero of Mine

Truly a Hero of Mine

At least love has given me something
It may not be everything
It's given me the desire to fly one day
and the ability to have a dream

So I'll always try to fly somehow
though heartache is all that it brings
I just know I've gotta fly one day
because my heart is blessed to have wings

In a world that's forever imprisoned,
we find it was never our crime
The world in its blood like a church-
a blood so pure and fine

Some say the blood is our crimson
Some say the blood is our wine
I say we're all free to keep searching,
but freedom is never to find

And all through the years that have blackened,
a beacon to those unaware
And all through the tears that have blinded,
the sight for those never there

And all through the fear that has frightened,
giving in could never compare
As every step of a stair that is taken
is just a step amongst the stairs

My dream is to keep others dreaming
My dream is to make 'em all true
For why dream and dream and keep dreaming,
if that's all that you'll ever do

But I dream and I dream, and I'm dreaming
if I think that I'll make it all true
But I'll dream and I'll dream, as I'm dreaming
for everyone and anyone too

But love has forsaken in darkness
and passion has been but a lie
And I try to ease some of their darkness
by giving light and a reason to fly

Love's only given me little,
but still I'm destined to try
because I've had so many heroes
with souls refusing to die

And at least love's given me something
and it may only be part of the sky
And though my wings have certainly failed me,
my dreams all know better to die

As in 'em I'll always keep flying
though heartache is all that it brings
For I know I've gotta fly someday
because my heart is blessed to have wings

Not that I've ever been martyred
Not that I've fought and I've died
But because I'm here and I'm willing
and I'll always be willing to try
That's why
I'm truly a hero of mine

Dedicated to all the heroic individuals who have lived and to all of those who have died... but mostly dedicated to the notion that we all have something heroic inside of us. Happy MLK Day.