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A Wish

A Wish

I fell into a wishing well
wishing it were hell
I crossed my heart and hoped to die
the moment that I fell

Fingers crossed and never lost,
I know just where I am
As I lie and never die,
I never understand

Why I sink upon the brink
Of disasters seen
As I think, I never blink
But live within a dream

In a well in which I fell,
I look unto the sky
I pinch myself 'cause nothing else
was ever worth a try

Shooting stars have come and gone
But nothing's ever stayed
Broken glass, my mirror's past
can't become unmade

Things I've done I've never won
But there never was a game
And still I've lost upon a cross
All that's real is pain

Although I've heard the wisest words
Say to me in vane
"The rainbows only come, my friend,
after all the rain"

I hear 'em not, my only thought
Is to believe that I have sinned
While sinking I
Saw a guy
Every now and then

A winking eye, I'm thinking I
Have been deceived now once again
Still I'm winking back, thinking back
To a time that's never been

All the time I could've done
Something more than drown
All these times in my mind
They're an illusion to me now

I'm in a well that isn't hell
But as it starts to rain,
I'm here without a wound
in the midst of all my pain.