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Nostalgia's Kiss

Nostalgia's Kiss

This charade's gone on
for far too long
but now that it's inexplicably gone away,
I can't help but say
I miss nostalgia's kiss

I sang a eulogy disharmoniously
but I'm admonished for so much more
At a gravesite, I pray in white
Lord have mercy on my soul
as I still miss nostalgia's kiss

I've seen a lot of gravestones
in the battle of despair
I've seen a lot of love
I've seen a lot of prayer
I've seen a lot of things I didn't ever want to see there
So still I miss nostalgia's kiss

Oh Lord, it kissed me once in a dream I had
Kissed me like a summer's day
Kissed me like the winter's wind
had all but blown away
Cruelty woke me from a fictioned kiss within a morning's way
I barely lived to say
how I miss nostalgia's kiss

We've balanced our indulgencies with reluctancies
on the gamut of uncertainty for far too long
What I aspired for has gone amiss...
But I guess I just miss nostalgia's kiss