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The Spotlight

The Spotlight

The spotlight blinds
and burns me
but my wounds will never kill.
So would I rather
see my pain
or would I rather feel?

My only thought
upon this stage
is the only thing that's real
is whatever
makes you feel alive
is all that you should feel.

In a room of darkness shrouded,
she put her wounds away.
Pouring from her eyelids,
her wounds would never stay.

Her sleeves were never long enough,
so she would never leave.
Can't you shine the spotlight in there?
She needs it more than me.

Still I sing a song - a daydream -
is all it ever was
No spotlight here to burn me,
though that's all it ever does.

But the girl is in
no daydream.
Her dreams are only done.
I wish that I could help her,
but all I have's the sun.

All I have's
a voice that's
rasping from my lungs.
The only person clapping
has never truly come.

There's thousands that surround me,
but I'm the only one.
I'd sing another song,
but the concert's come undone.

So as the spotlight's dimming,
I fall onto the floor.
The darkness is beginning
to be what I adore.

All the crowd has left me;
all that I had owned.
Through blinded eyes I see her
sitting all alone.

Shine the spotlight on her,
so this little girl can see.
Shine the spotlight on her.
She needs it more than me.