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The Words You Know All Too Well

The Words You Know All Too Well

She pours her man a half cup
of milk he says is empty
Some problems only last because
the question's never clear
He says to her let's cross dear-
Our days are surely plenty-
When we reach the bridge
or at least when we're near

But she's given him a blank stare
as she crosses her legs now
We see that even roses
eventually start to wilt
She's sitting in there trying
to unscramble an egg now
She's crying in the kitchen,
for the milk has all been spilt

Actions speak louder
and the bigger they are now,
all of your actions
will soon just have to fall
He pretends to not listen
and exits the kitchen
He pretends to not hear her
so he hears her not at all

Let bygones be bygones
Let live and let live
What's not seen's not
ever in your mind
All's well that end's well
Be safer than sorry
Wounds shall all heal by
the hands of all our Time

So he puts on his shoes now-
the ones that he's wearing
because they fit him,
and not because they're nice
He walks on the road now
of good intentions
From the pan to the fire
From the fire to the ice

And though absence is fonder
and blood is much thicker,
all that he thinks now
is it takes two to tango
And he thinks he'll never again
dance while he's happy,
for what's here today
is gone by tomorrow

And tomorrow has come now
And he's still walking
So many tomorrows
have brought him here today
The grass was much greener
but now it isn't
It's fading quickly
with every step along the way

He's made it to heaven
He sees the stairs now
The longest line as
the stairs are at his feet
But it's not his heaven
His heaven was with her
He sees heaven was taking
the bitter with the sweet

And as he's thinking of heaven,
he thinks of the dress code
He thinks of the cost-
for he's already sold his soul
He carries a picture
of her in his pocket
It's worth a thousand
but most were never told

He never told her
He went for his fortune
His silence glittered
but all that glitters is not gold
The sun is shining
but it's so cold now
with no silver lining
shining on his road

It's never over
but now it's ended
With everyone around him,
he knows he's alone
Love's fairness has killed him
The war hasn't mended
All he thinks now is
there's no place like home.

The words you know all too well might not be as obviously understood as you might think. The words of this poem come from a long list of American proverbs and any clarity or comprehension you may find in this piece merely occurs because you understand and possess this particularly cultural literacy. To a foreigner or to someone unfamiliar with these proverbs, this poem wouldn't make any sense whatsoever and perhaps that person wouldn't even be able to follow this simple story. To fully understand what I'm speaking of, try reading the poem and imagine how it would sound if you've never heard such phrases as "the grass is always greener on the other side" or "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" or "the cup is either half full or half empty". Such sayings promote our shared mentalities and are the common ground on which we tread. But I assure you that not everyone treads along with us. This is how complex our world is. This is how relationships are at times. You assume the other knows where you're coming from when all you have to do is stop assuming and just tell them where you're coming from. Communication is the key that's often times taken for granted or even sometimes completely overlooked.