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051520 (a)

I’m just a tear among the storm
along the lightning we adorn;
but I've used its pain to keep me warm
since the day that I was born
I'm just a year among an age
It isn't clear who owns this cage
But I'm here upon this stage
not to merely earn a wage
So this tear becomes some sweat,
though this year may die by morn
But that hasn't happened to me yet,
so I'll strive to *be* the storm

My first poem was written on May 15th, 1995. It was about basketball. Every year on that date since, I write another poem about where I am in my basketball life. The original is in some notebook somewhere, and I'll add it to the site one day. Click here to see others.

051520 (b)

They keep on dying
Oh, my dreams won't stay
Still I keep on trying
to play their way
But I don't know why all the losers win;
and I don't know what this loss has been
A broken heart
that's left for dead
is still the part
of me that's said
I don't think I'll ever pray again
And I don't think I'll ever play again
Still I crawl on
despite the scars
All we've got now
is who we are
I know that I must play within
And I know that I'm bound to win
They're all dreams now,
so let's not pretend
I've done things now
that I can't defend
But still I crawl on to play again
Through my will I crawl on... so far within
I don't know why all these losers win,
but I'm still here now... 
like I've always been.