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The Soldier's Weapon

The Soldier's Weapon

A rifle in his hands, courage in his heart
Bombs in the sky to start
his day once again, sayin' Amen
as havoc lights up the dark

A pistol at his side
He opens his eyes
From his knees, he stands to his feet
A Bible on the ground, the artillery's bound
to tide all that's bound to be wreaked

He dives on the ground
Throws a grenade that he's found
Havened under a broken-down Jeep
Surrounded by mines
He's trained in his mind
Towards the barrack, our soldier's leaped

Explosions around him
The soldiers have found him
They awake from shaking in sleep
All he has are bad dreams
that are what they seem
As he puts his shoes on his feet,

he takes out a picture
of the one that he loves
before the bombs would ever start
Before he picks up his rifle
or lays down his Bible,
he holds her picture so close to his heart.