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An angel held a stone
The angel had a cry
An angel fell alone
With wings that couldnĂ­t fly

Heaven is her home
The angel wondered why
All that she had owned
Had somehow left her side

And soon the angel reached
The greatness of the sea
I saw her from the beach
And heard her ask of me,

"Why'm I forced to drown
When heaven is my home?"
I said "Drop the stone right now
You needn't die alone."

But the angel told me
That I could never know
"It's too much a part of me
To ever let it go"

The angel told me
I couldn't understand
I said "Angel hold me!"
But she wouldn't take my hand

I hope angels are like people
In death and where they go
So maybe this angel
Can somehow make it home

For all you laden angels out there...