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And Still…

And Still…

You caught him red-handed
after leaving you stranded---
The blood of your heart
was still on his hands

And still…
you take him back again

Even the cracks of your heart
are broken apart
As you're hurt in the dark,
you're hurt in the end

And still…
you love him again

But it's harder to mend
as he's done it again
It's getting harder to mend each time
You sit in the dark
holding your heart
trying to fix it
just one more time

While all I have here
is a needle and thread,
a morsel of hope,
and a foolish grin

All I have here
is a bit of myself
and a couple of flashlights
starting to dim

All I have here
is my heart in my hands
and the same foolish question
I'll continue to ask

All I have here's
another fragment of hope
and the thought that nice guys
always finish last

And all I have here
is the same foolish thought
that maybe… just maybe
you wanna be happy too

And I might have it all here
with all that I've got,
but there's nothing I have here
if I don't have you

And still…
with all that I have here-
with all that I've got-
I'm holding so many dreams untrue

I think I might have it all here
whether I have you or not,
and still all that I wish
is that you loved me too.