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Behind Her Smile

Behind Her Smile

Her hands
in her pockets
Her legs
in a sway
She smiled kinda tenderly
in a brilliant way.

Never been to heaven,
but it seems she has
Standing like an angel
with her friends,
she laughs

But behind her smile,
there's so much more.

fourteen with a smile
that could be the sky,
and I guess you can say
she was the sky to me.

A smile all the while
A look in her eye-
like there was something
she wanted
to be blind to see.

never at a party-
just a little shy
I heard she was a virgin
who's never kissed a guy

But she cringed just a little
when I touched her side
She always cringed a little
I always wondered why

I always wondered what
was behind her smile…

she hid from strangers,
but who'd contend?…
until she hid in anger
'til she hid from friends

Never been to heaven
but I know she's flown
Never had a kiss-
not one alone

But I found she's never-
she's never had-
a single kiss
to call her own

Never touched
but I know she's flown
She's never been touched
by a guy she's known

Behind her smile…
Behind her smile,
there's so much more.